Upper Grand Eye Care incorporates cutting-edge diagnostic equipment into all of its eye care services to deliver the best in patient care. We believe advanced diagnostic technology is an integral part of our standard of care and helps our doctors and technicians make the right medical decisions for our patients.

Fully Automated and Comprehensive Pre-Testing

  • auto-refraction – painless measure of refractive error
  • auto-keratometry – painless measure of corneal curvature (external lens of eye)
  • non-contact tonometry – gentle puff of air to measure intra-ocular pressure (glaucoma screening)

Early Detection of Retinal Disease

  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Digital Retinal Imaging – a non-invasive, quick and painless objective examination that provides detailed images of the retina – similar to an MRI
  • detects macular degeneration and other diseases of the macula
  • detects retinal tears and detachments
  • detects glaucoma and other diseases of the optic nerve (nerve fiber loss is also linked to multiple sclerosis)
  • detects central and branch retinal artery/vein occlusions
  • detects diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy and other diseases of the retina
  • pachymetry – automated measure of corneal thickness (glaucoma and laser eye screening)
  • accurate measurement of the anterior chamber angle – screening for narrow angle glaucoma

Threshold Peripheral Vision Measurements

  • Humphrey Visual Fields and Humphrey Matrix Field Analyzer – subjective examination that requires patient cooperation
  • detects and monitor glaucoma damage to the optic nerve possibly preventing vision loss
  • detects neurological disease such as a stroke
  • assess vision changes related to macular degeneration
  • detects central or peripheral retinal disease
  • detects eyelid conditions such as ptosis (drooping)
  • detects optic nerve disease
  • detects diseases (for example tumors) affecting the visual pathways within the brain

Gentle Pressure Testing

  • Keeler Pulsair Easy Eye – gentle measure of intra-ocular pressure with just a puff of air (glaucoma screening)
  • Perkins Tonometer – portable instrument to measure intra-ocular pressure with gentle applanation (glaucoma screening)

Corneal Thickness Measurement

  • Sonogage Corneo-Gage Pachymetry – acknowledged to be one of the most accurate measure of cornea thickness with ultrasound
  • screening for glaucoma, laser vision correction, keratoconus (a disease that causes corneal thinning) or corneal swelling